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Splatter Art 191

Splatter Art 191

Wax, metal, heat, & rust make this texture, randomly created during encaustic painting process. This is a macro photo of a fragment of a 2'x3' sheet of metal used to extinguish the burning wax. The process creates random shapes and textures in a multitude of colors, though blue predominates. Some may look like maps or galaxies, others are more abstract.

More photos in this series may be seen in my Abstract Textures gallery.

Sony DSC-HX90v 4mm 1/20@f6.3 ISO100

Exhibited Foundry Art Gallery "At the Surface" 2018 (juried group exhibit)

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About Me

About Me

I'm an American photographer born in Colorado and based in the St. Louis metro area. I love to travel and have travelled extensively in the United States & Europe, but even when at home, I try to keep the same sense of adventure – looking for novelty in the everyday; finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. A musician by profession, I have recently become passionate about my photography. I have photographed nearly my entire life, but only to document travels, not to make art. Now, I've found that I can do both.

Why Wits End?

Wits End was born long before I became a photographer. My husband is British and we many years ago named our home, in the tradition of quaint British cottages, “Wits End” (there’s even a sign on the front porch). Wits End, we decided, is where we live!

But it wasn’t until I really was at my wits end that I took up Photography as a serious hobby. I was going through a lot of stress and negativity in my life and Photography gave me a new challenge. Learning a new skill distracted me from the stressful parts of my life. I started a 365 Project (One photo a day for a year) and looking for beauty in the world every single day kept me from sinking into despair. In a very real way Photography saved me when I really was at my wits end. The name of my photography studio reminds me that even on dark days, I can see beauty and that every day I can choose to see that beauty.